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Little Hao Ran is one of our precious little guys.  He's had a rough time on and off since arriving at Blue Sky, as his immune system is much weaker than the other kids.  A few runny noses around him, and he will hit the hardest, usually ending up in hospital for IV meds and observation.  We've had a few scary moments with him, but we are happy to report that he's currently doing well.  



He arrived at Blue Sky in October 2011 and was severely underweight and needing lots of love and tender care.  He was very weak, and thin, and was not thriving well.  We have worked hard to feed him carefully with higher calorie formula, though he does not like to drink it, and keeps vomitting.   


When Hao Ran was 1 year old, he was still a tiny little fella, but he managed to hold himself up quite well.  He’s full of energy and crawls with speed, despite his tiny and thin body.  


Neurosurgeons in Singapore have kindly reviewed his head scans and are happy to report that he is growing normally now, and they do not detect any abnormalities.


Now at 2+ years old, he's more stable and eating much better.  


Update - November 2013

We are very happy to announce that HaoRan is now with his forever family !  We wish them a happy beautiful life together !



Hao Ran (male) 


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