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Ting Ting (female) DOB 18 March 2007

Arrived at Blue Sky on 4 June 2013.


Ting Ting was born with spina bifida, a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube.  She was diagnosed by Capital Institute of Pediatrics as having ' Myelomeningocele' and surgery was performed when she was an infant.


After surgery, a shunt procedure was performed for her hydrocephalus.


She then stayed with a foster family until she returned back to the state orphanage in 2009. 


She has lower body paralysis, incontinence and a lazy eye. 


She is very friendly with visitors and volunteers at Blue Sky. She adores being close to people and loves cuddles.


Update (Sep 2015)

Thanks to volunteers, Ting Ting has been learning to play the piano.  She loves to sing as well.  Together with the other older children, she attends our Learning Centre and is an enthusiastic learner.  She is still waiting to be adopted some day.

Update (Mar 2016)

Ting Ting is scheduled for her Mitrofanoff procedure; a surgical procedure to create a an opening from her bladder to outside of her body. 

Update (Dec 2016)

"Ting Ting is open hearted and loves everyone. She enjoys playing games with her friends as well as working on her own. She is contented with life and makes and best out of every situation." - Anesh Sankar, teacher of Learning Centre. 

Update (Jun 2017)

Ting Ting has been matched for adoption. 

Update (Mar 2018)

Ting Ting has been adopted. 

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