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Arrived at Blue Sky on 25 June 2013.


Ji Shun was born with congenital hyperextension of the knee. 


It can occur when the leg gets caught in an extended position in utero.  Treatment involves bi-weekly casting with gradual flexion of the knee.  It may take a few months, but flexion to 90 degrees is usually obtained. 


Ji Shun was also born with hypospadias or congenitally absent penis.  We shall be investigating as soon as his general health improves.


Update 10 July 2013

Ji Shun is currently warded at Beijng United Family Hospitals after being admitted for high fevers and bronchial issues.  He is recovering and should return to Blue Sky soon.  


Update 24 July 2013

JiShun is back at Blue Sky and doing well !


Update 22 August 2013

JiShun has had his legs casted and amazingly, after removal of the cast, his legs are beautifully straight now !   


Update 26 September 2015

JiShun is progressing well and we hope that he will find his forever family soon.


Update 28 March 2016

JiShun had just undergone his first surgery to repair his hypospadia condition. 


Update May 2016

Ji Shun returned to his orphanage. 

Ji Shun (male)  DOB 20 April 2013

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