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Yan Wu (male) DOB 10 Mar 2014

Arrived at Blue Sky on 16 July 2014.


Arrived at Blue Sky weak and undernourished.  Born with spina bifida, but is stable and not in immediate danger.  Needs to fatten up before surgical repair of spina bifida. 


An extremely bubbly boy full of smiles and giggles. Learning to coo and loves to be talked to. Observant and likes to look around at his surroundings. Just had his first tooth and is slowly regaining his appetite. 


Update (April 2015)

Yan Wu has been putting on weight nicely, and underwent successful surgery to repair his spina bifida.  He is recovering well !


Update (Sep 2015)

Yan Wu is doing great !


Update (Aug 2016)

Yan Wu is able to get around by himself independently. He attends physical therapy once a week at Beijing United Rehabilitation Hospital. He is able to take a few steps while holding on to furniture. He is speaking in full sentences and is able to recognize colours in simple English. 

Update (Apr 2018)

Yan Wu has been matched for adoption. 

Update (Nov 2018)

Yan Wu left Blue Sky for his adoption. 


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