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Ming Yue (female) DOB 28 Aug 2011 

Arrived at Blue Sky on 24 Sep 2012. 


This beautiful smiley child was born with multiple joint contractures (arhtrogryposis), bilateral hip dislocation, clubfoot left foot, right foot perpendicular to the bone. She has had corrective surgery on her feet and is currently fitted with corrective shoes and undergoes physical and speech therapy at a centre twice a week.


Update (Sep 2015)

Ming Yue is now able to stand up on her own from a sitting position (holding on to a table for support), crawl, sit on a stool independently and can use a walker with assistance.  She can feed herself, brush her teeth, wash her face and hands independantly. She understands instructions and will clean up her area after eating, pack away her toys, etc.  She enjoys being praised for these acts and it will show on her face.  


In early July 2015, Ming Yue had a few episodes of mild seizures that were noticed during mealtimes.  Her left arm would twitch slightly.  After further testing, there appear to be some abnormalities in her EEG test.  She was prescribed Topiramate tablets (anticonvulsant) and since then, there have not been any episodes. (Refer to EEG report)


Ming Yue is still not speaking but understands simple instructions. She babbles a bit and can communicate her feelings, but we have currently been told by the doctors in Beijing, that she may never speak.  We have started teaching her basic sign language to aid in her communications.  She can express her feelings (like when other children might take her toy away) with facial expression and sounds (she loves to laugh).  When there are strangers visiting, she is not immediately friendly, but will take some time to warm up.  She is very warm and friendly with people she is familiar with, like her caretakers, or teachers.  She particularly likes to have physical touch, and loves hugs.  She is sensitive to aggressive or disturbing scenes (for instance when watching television, and an fierce tiger appears – she will respond with expressions of fear).  She is responsive too when seeing happy scenes and will usually clap and smile.  


She is well liked by visitors and volunteers and is caring to the other children. She likes to observe the actions of the other children during their activities and will imitate. She also tries hard to participate in activities like music lessons. Eg when they pass the teddy bear around , she could participate and do the same as others and really enjoys it. 


She enjoys eating a variety of food  and loves outings and is very observant about things around her. She likes to play with plush toys, coloring books, simple puzzles and plasticine.  She is particularly interested in working with Lego pieces, and recently builds things with more precision – for instance, building a house structure.  


Update (Jan 2017)

Ming Yue has been matched for adoption. 

Update (Apr 2017)

Ming Yue has been adopted. 

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