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Hou Ying (female) DOB 8 Dec 2009



Arrived at Blue Sky on 21 August 2015. 


Hou Ying was born with facial cleft. We are exploring our options with surgeons, and hope to arrange reconstructive surgery soon. 


She is a cheerful girl and gets along very well with the other children at Blue Sky. As a new student in our Learning Centre, she is adapting well to the structure and is eager to learn !


Update (Mar 2016)

We will be making arrangements for Hou Ying to have her facial reconstruction in Singapore.


Update (Aug 2016)

Hou Ying had her facial reconstruction on 16th Aug 2016. It was a successful surgery and she had an amazing time in Singapore. 

Click here to read more about her trip to Singapore . 

Update (Jan 2017)

Hou Ying has been matched for adoption.

Update (Apr 2017)

Hou Ying left Blue Sky for her adoption. 

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