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Hou Liang (male) DOB 23 Oct 2012



Arrived at Blue Sky on 17 Sep 2015. 


Hou Liang is 3 years old in October, and was born with cleft lip and palate, that is in dire need of repair! Arrangements are being made !


Update (9 Oct 2015)

Hou Liang (Liang Liang) is scheduled for his first stage lip repair surgery.


Update (19 Oct 2015)

Hou Liang has been discharged from the hospital. He is recovering well.

Update (Mar 2017)

Hou Liang started attending kindergarten at Mammolina Children's Home Montessori.


Update (Oct 2017)

Hou Liang has been matched for adoption. 

Update (Jan 2018)

Hou Liang left Blue Sky for his adoption. 





















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