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Since the inception of Blue Sky's Learning Centre at the end of 2014- Zhi Xiong, who is unable to attend regular school in Beijing due to his physical disabilities, has been regularly attending classes with Teacher Anesh in a Montessori enviroment. Read Teacher Anesh's recent full report on Zhi Xiong, to give you an insight to Zhi Xiong's world.... 

Blue Sky's regular volunteers know him well.  Here's what some of them had to say....


"I am very happy that BS is really going the extra mile to promote Zhi Xiong. over the time I have been working with him... he has grown so much both physically and of course mentally. We all know he's really intelligent. Personality wise I find him to be easy going and mature for his age. Other than being reserved initially with strangers, he is sociable and adapts well to others. I wish the very best for him. I pray that he'll be matched up with a lovely family really soon. "


Selina Tan - October 2015

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